Martial Arts - Doorway to the Demonic

Martial Arts - Doorway to the Demonic

The title Martial Arts bears some examination. The word "Martial" speaks of "appropriate for warfare" or "suitable for warfare." The most popular Martial Arts are derived from techniques developed in the East. They are referred to as "Arts" because they are not merely combat or fitness techniques, but they are also an expression of eastern spiritual philosophy, which is diametrically opposed to Christianity.

A demonstration of Karate

Martial Arts have become as well known in our society as have New Age therapies and healing remedies. While at first glance they seem poles apart, to the Christian, they both have a ‘fatal flaw.’ That flaw is the fact that they both present a doorway to the demonic realm of demon & occult power and possession, and they do so by the very seductive means of offering perfectly good reasons, on the surface at least, as to why people should get involved with them.

With New Age medicine, there is the lure of good health and healing, which any reasonable person would greatly desire. With Martial Arts there is the benefit of self-defense as well as fitness. The danger of New Age holistic medicine and healing therapies has already been covered by articles in the August and October 2005 editions of The Omega Times. This article deals specifically with Martial Arts.

Barry Smith writes in his book "Second Warning" words that are more than worthwhile repeating, and I couldn’t say them any better –

  1. Martial Arts are demonic.
  2. As you bow to the picture of the master, you bow to the spirit of violence that is in that man.
  3. As you do your deep breathing exercises, you breathe in an eastern spirit of violence. Your breath is actually reserved for the Spirit of God.
  4. The continual longing for someone to attack you, comes from this proud spirit of violence that inhabits you, upon your clear invitation.

When Barry presented this list in Thailand one time, there was strong vocal disagreement with what he said, so he gave his own challenge. He invited the Chinese Black Belt Master in the village to come and chop a concrete block, but as he was about to do so, Barry said he would bind up the violent devil in him in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ causing the Black Belt Master to smash his hand on the block. The messenger returned to Barry and the group saying "He won’t come." Barry said, "Of course he won’t because the spirit in him knows what I am saying is true." Every time a blow is struck, it is accompanied by a loud cry, which is the activation of the power of the violent spirit within.

The great attraction to those who go fully into Martial Art training is that they gain a power and a strength which is beyond human ability. This is the "honey that attracts the bee." Unfortunately the cost of this is demonic oppression or possession, because that is where the supernatural strength comes from. The devotees of Martial Arts are unaware of this, but it will cost them dearly in other ways.

Some are possessed by paranoia and fear, when you would think they would be at peace through feeling safe. Others are ruined by being unable to maintain relationships involving real love because their character has been perverted by the spirit of violence.


Most of the well-known Martial Arts originated in just 3 nations.

  1. CHINA – Karate, Tai chi, Kung Fu.
  2. JAPAN – Jujitsu, Kendo, Aikido, Karate(developed to a higher level), judo.
  3. KOREA – Tae Kwon Do

All the Chinese Arts developed out of the Shao Lin Monastery. The spiritual roots are found in Taoism. The basic concept is that new entrants are taught there is a power, the Ch’i, which is in every person, and this power can be developed through practice. This force is two-fold.

On one hand it can be sent to any part of the body to help the body withstand the blows of an attacker. As training progresses, he is taught to project this force outside of his body with the purpose of injuring his attacker. Here the spiritual lie begins. The trainee believes they have access and control of special powers, when in fact those powers are in control of him. It is these special powers which allow bricks, concrete blocks and tiles to be smashed by bare hands without injury.

Many young people are turning to Martial Arts today as a means of selfdefense in an increasingly violent society. We have been asked the question as to whether this is wrong if the Martial Arts instructors teach only techniques and not philosophy.

Unfortunately, this is just wishful thinking. The entry into most occult philosophies is practice. The student is instructed to follow his master or Guru in obedience. All judgements of conscience are to be suspended. When beneficial results follow, he or she will press in further. At the same time, he or she will receive warnings about the danger of turning back.

It is impossible to enter into mainstream Martial Art training without eventually being confronted by the "Ch’i" factor, whereby as already mentioned, if that is not embraced, the student will never be able to advance, because this latent energy which is obtained from outside of the human ability is the engine room that powers each Martial Art discipline.

My own son was involved in Kung Fu. My wife and I began to actively pray against the snare we felt our son was getting into, especially when he arrived home with the "Guan" or long pole and uniform. Soon we gained some headway as his work began to take over from what had been his spare time. Then the avalanche of phone calls from the instructors began, to the point of pestering him. There is no doubt in my mind the enemy lays a snare for the innocent, to draw them into a philosophy which no Christian should touch with a barge pole. He has since shared with me they were taught immediately that the ‘Ch’i’ was the only way to project all the energy into the business end of the weapon, to gain maximum results. It is one thing to write informatively on a subject, but it is far more powerful to share experientially. To that end, I approached a good friend who was heavily into Martial Arts to ask him some questions. His involvement was in Tae Kwon Do, Street fighting, Boxing, and Mui Tai full contact kick boxing.

On speaking with him, he agreed that the above observations written here are a correct description of the spiritual side of Martial Arts. A little of his testimony appears below before I record a set of questions and answers. My friend must remain anonymous because of issues which still exist, which if identity was revealed could place him in very real danger.

My friend did weapon fighting as well, carrying a butterfly knife and a nunchuck. When confronted, he always asked whether they really wanted to fight him, because he said he felt invincible. Inside of him was such hatred for people, and this was matched only by a fear of losing, so he played for keeps. He fought against Judo and Karate black belt exponents, beating them easily, and was banned from night clubs because he took out the bouncers for something to do. Interestingly, the main weapon he employed was inflicting fear into people.

Tools of the trade Nunchucks and Butterfly Knife

No fear or repercussions were felt by him. He would take on groups without thinking about it. He told me the euphoria of the power that could be unleashed was like a drug, and the fear in others was something he would feed off. His own fear and paranoia came later, when he was no longer in prime condition.

In his own words, he became like a machine, with mind and body finely tuned as one. Before he made a move he would "visualize" it, and if someone was planning a move against him, he was able to react and shut them down before they even began. That level of awareness came from serious meditation and training, 7 days a week, both physically and mentally.

Interestingly, my friend got into Martial Arts because he was always getting beaten up himself. But the further he went, the more it became an obsession, with the hunted becoming the hunter! These are some questions I asked him to answer –

Q Is it possible to go into Martial arts and stay permanently immune from the spiritual and power aspects?
A No - Because power corrupts!

Q Was it difficult to harness the latent aggression?
A Very hard, because the aggression controlled you. It was very hard to stay calm, even in normal conversation.

Q Did you have peace? Did you sleep well while you were into Martial Arts?
A No, because the body was hyper, ready for action 24 hours a day.

Q We printed a letter in the June OT from a subscriber in the UK who was concerned about her son entering Martial Arts. Is it possible for a young person to undertake training without getting caught up in the spiritual and the power-trip side of things?
A No. When you enter training, you bow to the instructor. You bow to the flag. They teach you to focus, which is meditation, and to harness the Ch’i, the power within. This cannot
do anything else but open you up to the occult.

Q Did it affect relationships and the way you saw people?
A Yes. I would look at a complete stranger across the street and tell my friends I could decimate him. When they said "Why would you want to do that, you don’t even know him?" I said, "Because I can!"

Q Does that mean you had little or no conscience?
A None at all. To feel sorry would be a sign of weakness.

Q Did the training finally give you the ability to apply lethal force?
A Absolutely! I could kill by just using 2 fingers if I chose.

Q Looking back, were you sane at the time?
A Logic, good judgement and commonsense were gone – I was like a machine, not a human.

My friend now holds a responsible position in the employ of State Government. It would be fair to say that rescue came by prayer and entry into Christian life. If you, or your friends, desire to learn self-defence or become extra-fit, may we suggest you find an avenue to do this outside of Martial Arts – it’s simply not the answer.

Allan Rasmussen, 1 Dec 2005