Satanic Symbols

Satanic Symbols

It seems that every organization today has its own identifier or symbol, usually shown as a graphic based logo which appears on equipment, transport, buildings, manufactured products, advertising, and everything else that can be personalized. Unfortunately, that trend also applies to less acceptable organizations around the world as well.

These logos or insignia are now de rigour in religious, spiritual and political groups. As we live out these "last of the last days" we have seen a proliferation of devices which have come into general use but are nothing less than demonic.

The purpose of this article is to inform and educate as many Christians as possible of the meaning behind each one we illustrate, and to emphasize the dangers of wearing these logos or devices if you are thinking of purchasing T Shirts, jewellery, giftware or other items with these symbols. For the Christian, the possession or display of such a device is idolatry, whether done inadvertently or on purpose, because it clearly breaks the second commandment of the Ten Commandments revealed in Exodus 20:3-5

In my possession are 2 catalogues of "Christian Jewellery" which are currently being offered to Book and Gift shops around the world. Some of these items appear in them.

Unfortunately limited space allows only a brief description of each symbol.


The rainbow has become the symbol of the New Age movement symbolizing the building of a bridge between Lucifer and mankind. This rips-off God's powerful sign in the rainbow that no flood would occur again. Look for reverse colour order or just 3- 6 colours only.


Symbolizes the existence of invisible energy lines called "Ch'i". This energy is controlled by Ying & Yang, two opposites yet with harmonizing ability. So we have positive, negative; male, female; light, dark; good, evil etc. This belief comes from Taoist religion and teaching, and is therefore idolatrous.


This is familiar as the all-seeing eye of Lucifer which appears in the capstone of the US $1 bill. This symbol is freely used in New Age and Masonic circles, by the Illuminati, and even appears on the altar wall of the Catholic Church of the Annunciation in Nazareth! Particularly dangerous as the eye is stylized into innocent looking jewellery as illustrated.


The universal symbol of Masonry. Although denied by them, this is a religious group, and because the holy book of every religion is accepted equally with the Bible, this clearly labels them as idolators because they break the second Commandment.


The Ankh is the Egyptian symbol of life and fertility and is a powerful occult device. Unbelievably, this device often appears in catalogues of jewellery offered by Christian manufacturers to Christian retail stores! The trap is that it looks for all the world like a stylised cross but it is anything but that.


Although adopted by the Jews as the Star of David, it was also used by the Egyptians as an unholy icon. The hexagram is one of the most potent icons for calling up evil forces. The hexagram figures prominently in Tarot. It is also the symbol behind putting a "hex" on someone.


This Cross of Nero represents an upside down crucifixion. Roman soldiers carried this symbol when they destroyed Jerusalem in AD70. Saracens and Russian Bolsheviks have used it, and the Communists branded Jews and Gypsies with it.


This 5 pointed star enclosed in a circle is held to be a highly magical symbol. If inverted it becomes the goats head symbol of Satanism. The illustrated goats head inside the star is an additional device to call up demons. Either way, the Pentacle or inverted Pentagram have no place in Christian hands.


This is the symbol worn by the murderous Secret Service of Nazi Germany. In Greek mythology, this symbol represents a thunderbolt (destruction) from Zeus, another false god. The broken "S" represents the bearer having power over others. No wonder Hitler adopted it as a symbol for the Secret Service - it’s prime evidence of Hitler's fascination and embracement of Satanism.


This is a stylized cross which looks innocuous enough, but it represents the Egyptian God Osiris, and is the cross of the slain. This symbol appears on the uniform of the 33rd degree Sovereign Grand Pontiff of masonry.


This symbol appears on the Satanic Bible and is the official logo of Anton La Vey's First Church of Satan in San Francisco, USA. They claim this device has the power to destroy one's enemies. Take note carefully of this design before you buy any jewellery in future. Possessing this symbol is highly dangerous.


The holy Cross with an upside down question mark attached to the bottom. The question mark blatently questions Jesus Divinity Many contemporary rock groups flaunt the satanic cross The Romans first used this symbol to question the truth of Christianity.

Allan Rasmussen, 20 Jun 2005