Rabbi Predicts Messiah in Israel Now

Rabbi Predicts Messiah in Israel Now

The Devil is of course evil, but he knows about the end of things, and dreads the knowledge of that truth. The leading Kabbalist Rabbi, Yitzchak Kaduri, says the Messiah is already here, and that we are in the final 3½ years of the great tribulations. The question is, does he know something or have something to say that Christians should pay attention to?

Rabbi Kaduri

Rabbi Kaduri

There is no doubt that the Kabala is mysticism from Babylon, that it is in fact witchcraft. But to say that and leave it at that would be a mistake. For one thing, to be prepared for war we must know the strength of our enemy and have a good understanding of his knowledge of things. I am certain the Devil knows his end is near, and he will do any and everything to prolong his stay on planet earth. Another thing I am certain of, he cannot do anything contrary to the Prophetic Word of God, for God will not be mocked.

This Rabbi, who is more involved in the Kabala than in the Torah says, "We are now in the fourth year of what could be the seven year Redemption period." He then goes on to state that "Great tragedies in the world are forseen." When you read his statements you will notice many similarities with the Word of God. The Devil always uses God’s Word mixed with his lies to bring his point across. He did the same thing on the Mount of Temptation with Jesus, and uses that same tactic with each of us to get his way in our lives if we allow him the space to do that.

But what is most interesting is the timing of this statement and how it lines up with so many Biblical truths, but then mixes in the Devil’s big lie to introduce the soon coming anti-Christ. Because then the Rabbi says; "The Mashiach (Messiah) is already in Israel." This will of course, play right into the hands of the pre-tribulation believers, who will be further deceived by this lie. For many of them will also accept this evil one as the Messiah when the Kabala Jews of Israel accept him and begin to build the Temple, and begin to have blood sacrifices again as a direct insult to the Blood of Yeshua HaMashiach.

We should also know that the Devil is also subject to God’s Will when it is all said and done. Like with the example of Job, he had to approach the Throne of God to get permission. Things haven’t changed and this battle was and is first fought in the Heavens in the presence of God. We are about to see God’s Word in regards to Israel and the rest of the world come to pass before our eyes. Only the very elect will see God’s hand in what is about to come on us all. Many will be deceived and follow after the lies of the Devil and these Kabala Rabbis.

Keep in mind that the Devil is well aware of events to come upon us and tries his very best to deceive us into believing things contrary to the Word of God by mixing lies with truth. Here is a full transcript of Rabbi Kaduri’s statement as reported by Baruch Gordon – Israel’s leading Kabbalistic Elder, Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri, called upon worldwide Jewry to return to Israel due to natural disasters which threaten to strike the world.

In a class between the Mincha (afternoon) and Maariv (evening) prayers at his Jerusalem yeshiva seminary, Rabbi Kaduri issued the following call: "This declaration I find fitting to issue for all of the Jews of the world to hear. It is incumbent upon them to return to the Land of Israel due to terrible natural disasters which threaten the world. In the future, the Holy One, Blessed be He, will bring about great disasters in the countries of the world to sweeten the judgments of the Land of Israel. I am ordering the publication of this declaration as a warning, so that Jews in the countries of the world will be aware of the impending danger and will come to the Land of Israel for the building of the Temple and revelation of our righteous Mashiach (Messiah)."

Rabbi Kaduri also stated that the upcoming year would be a year of "secret and revelation" in the world. "This will be a year of secret (or sod, from the letter samech) and revelation (or v’giliu from the letter vav)."

Arutz Sheva Israel National Radio show host, Yehoshua Meiri, first publicized the declaration on his Hebrew radio show. Meiri typed out the words of Rabbi Kaduri’s declaration and presented them back to the Rabbi who signed off on the document.

During a visit in 1990 with the late Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson (of blessed memory), Rabbi Kaduri was told by the Rebbe that he would live to see the coming of the Mashiach. Earlier this Jewish year, Rabbi Kaduri predicted great tragedies in the world. He was quoted in the Yediot Acharonot newspaper as saying: "We are now in the fourth year of what could be the seven-year Redemption period, according to the calculation of the Vilna Gaon. [However.] in the coming three years, uncertainty about the future will hang over our heads, unless we work and strive that the Mashiach be revealed. The Mashiach is already in Israel. Whatever people are sure will not happen, is liable to happen, and whatever we are certain will happen may disappoint us. But in the end, there will be peace throughout the world. The world is mitmatek mehadinim (or becoming sweet from strict justice). Great tragedies in the world are foreseen, that’s the thing of the Jews going to the East. But our enemies will not prevail over us in the Land of Israel, ‘fear and trembling will fall upon them,’ in the power of Torah."

Rabbi Kaduri said in the week prior to the interview, "What can save the world from calamities is real repentance by Jews, who must increase acts of kindness towards one another... The cry of the many poor in Israel and the expulsion of Jews from their homes shakes the world... It’s not for naught that this place was hit, where many of our compatriots went to look for worldly lusts."

Rabbi Kaduri previously told his students that the government of Ariel Sharon would be the last one of the "old era." He is on record as saying that Sharon will be the last prime minister in Israel, and that the new government will already have leadership of the Messianic era. As Olmert is now PM of Israel, this statement has proved to be untrue, but the current government in Israel could very well trigger the introduction of a man who comes bringing peace, but with the hidden agenda of the antichrist.

I pray that everyone who reads the above article has received from it only the truth and not the lies of the Devil that is very carefully seeded throughout it. But the many truths that we need to pay attention too are also there, and soon to be seen by us all.

Jerry Golden

1 Aug 2007